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HelloDelivery App

About HelloDelivery
and HelloRide

You deserve only the best. Premium, value-added services at competitive prices.

HelloDelivery and HelloRide are twin online providers of competitive merchandise delivery and personal transport solutions for the African market.

HelloDelivery and HelloRide leverage web and mobile technologies in order to provide convenience, safety, accessibility and quality features.

Awesome Services

The app's simple design makes it more than easy to
book a delivery or a cab. HelloDelivery and HelloRide
is just one click away!



Ride safely and conveniently 24/7. Choose your ride and driver at your leisure. Go anywhere you desire.


We deliver food, groceries and clean laundry. HelloDelivery takes away the hassle.


Private Car

Book a private car driven by a HelloDelivery partner. Choose from Economy, Standard, Premium or Luxury package.

Cab Hailing

Hail a partner cab ride anytime, anywhere using the HelloRide app. The cab can pick you up anywhere you wish.

User Interface

The app's simple design makes it easy and convenient to book our services.

  • Do you want to go some place, but need a ride?
  • Do you feel like eating from outside, but not eat out?
  • Is the daily chore of getting groceries a bit difficult?
  • Do you often complain about not having clothes ironed on time?
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