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HelloDelivery App

Hellodelivery and HelloRide are affiliated with other subsidiaries of the Africent Groups.

Ecommodity Express LLC

Ecommodity Express LLC

A B2B marketplace that engages in the sale of a diverse range of premium African agricultural commodities and products, including nuts, oils, dairy, poultry, food products, and beauty care products.

Other products include textiles, apparel, industrial machinery, petroleum, gold products and metal ores. It has an extensive network of partner-suppliers and ships to any part of the world.

iChatMessaging App

iChat Messaging

An instant messages platform under the Africent Group portfolio that provides messaging mobile applications designed to be marketed initially across Africa, Europe, and Mideast continents.

The platform is now available in both Apple and Google Store.

ECE Online Shop Africa

A Highly versatile B2C e-commerce platform that primarily caters to consumers within the East, West and Northwestern regions of Africa.

It boasts a vast assortment of imported and local products and brands. The website and app support desirable features such as currency options, multi-field search filtering, and international shipping.

HelloRide App

HelloRide App

HelloRide is our competitive ride hailing platform that takes the hassle out of riding a cab. We believe that African consumer deserves decent transportation no matter what their circumstances.

HelloRide lets you choose your ride and driver at your leisure. Our partner-drivers are carefully vetted so that only the best drive for you. Don't worry - our rates are very competitive.