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Become a Partner and make your valuable assets work for you.

What role can you play as a
HelloDelivery Partner?


Maximize your income potential by using your cab space to deliver HelloDelivery parcels. Partner with us.


Own a motorcycle? Help your motorcycle pay for itself. Be a HelloDelivery biker and deliver parcels during your spare time.


Deliver parcels for us and make extra cash. Make your car work for you. Be a HelloDelivery partner.

Be a HelloDelivery Partner in Four Easy Steps


Register using the HelloDelivery app

Accept Orders

Check the app for delivery details

Pickup & Deliver

Our GPS system will guide you

Get your Payment

Check the app for your payment

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What role can you play as a
HelloRide Partner?


Do you own a taxi? Or a fleet of taxis? Partner with us and grow your customer base.


Maximize your investment in your car. Partner with us and earn extra cash in your own time.

Be a HelloRide Partner in Four Easy Steps

Receive Passenger Booking

Use the HelloRide app to check for passenger bookings

Accept Passenger Booking

Approve a booking and receive booking and passenger details

Fetch Passenger

Our GPS system will guide you to your passenger's location

Drive to Destination

Take the passenger to the destination and collect your fare

What are you waiting for? Become a HelloRide Partner

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How to become a HelloDelivery and HelloRide Driver?

It's a straightforward process. Fill up our online form. If you qualify,
we will contact you. Just like that.

Driver requirements:

  • At least 21 years old.
  • Physically and mentally fit.
  • At least 21 years old.
  • Physically and mentally fit.

Documentary requirements:

  • A National Driver's License with at least one-year validity.
  • Proof of insurance and car inspection certificate.
  • Current ID photo.
  • Other documents mandated by local authorities.

Vehicle requirements:

  • Complies with national vehicle age regulations.
  • Not less than four doors.
  • Seating capacity of five to eight passengers.

Smartphone requirements:

  • Android or iOS device.
  • Mobile data subscription.
  • HelloDelivery / HelloRide app installed.