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HelloDelivery App

HelloDelivery and HelloRide are just one click away!


HelloDelivery and HelloRide's simple design makes it more than easy to book a delivery or a cab for a ride. Both applications has been built by a team of professionals who are passionate about making people's everyday lives easy.


HelloDelivery Delivery Services

Delivery Services

We deliver food, groceries and clean laundry. HelloDelivery takes
away the hassle.


Is laundry too much of a hassle? HelloDelivery can pick up and have your laundry done for you and delivered to your doorstep. Easy and hassle free.


Hate braving the traffic just to buy groceries? Hellodelivery can do this for you! You can now get it delivered right to your doorstep with the help of our app


Craving for food but don't want to cook or go out? Or want to send a food delivery to your friend's?

HelloDelivery Ride Services

Ride Service

Ride safely and conveniently 24/7. Choose your ride and driver at your leisure.
Go anywhere you desire.

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Available now in

  • Ghana

    Accra Tema


HelloRide Private Car Rental Services

Private Car

Book a private car driven by a HelloDelivery partner.

Economy (Taxi)
Standard (Sedan)
Premium (SUV)
Luxury (Limo)
HelloRide Taxi Hailing Services

Cab Hailing

Hail a partner cab ride anytime, anywhere using the HelloRide app. The cab can
pick you up anywhere you wish.

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Available now in

  • Nigeria

    Lagos Abuja Ilorin
  • Ghana

    Accra Tema

Occasions with HelloRide

Are you organizing a party? A meeting or any other event?

Let HelloRide transport for your guests to and from your venue. Create an event and share with your guests. Quickly, conveniently, and safely.

Note: Download the app to book your ride.

Economy (Taxi)

Affordable and convenient ride yet provides fast service whenever and wherever you are. This would be the normal taxi registered in public. Lowest fare you pay but service and safety guaranteed!

Set the date and book your taxi

Standarad (Sedan)

Designed for the cost-conscious commuter, the Standard sedan provides an economical, comfortable and convenient ride for 1-4 passengers.

Set the date and pick your Standard Car

Premium (SUV)

With wider, plush seats, more legroom, Premium provides a superior SUV experience for the discerning passenger. Best for 1 to 6 passengers.

Set the date and pick your Premium Car

Luxury (Limo)

With well-appointed, spacious interiors, and superior amenities, this is the high-end ride for the prosperous businessman, CEO and dignitaries. Or even you. Your choice of BMW, Jaguar and Range Rover. For up to to 10 passengers per group.

Set the date and pick your Luxury Car